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Patrick Stöckle

Informatics 4 - Chair of Software & Systems Engineering (Prof. Pretschner)

    Room: 01.11.040 

    Phone: +49 (89) 289 - 17314


    Patrick Stöckle

    Chair I4

    Boltzmannstr. 3

    85748 Garching bei München


    About me

    Since November 2017 I am a PhD student at the Chair of Software and Systems Engineering headed by Professor Pretschner. The focus of my research is the field of security-configurations. Security can be cumbersome and dangerous, e.g., if one lost the key for an encrypted hard drive, one could not recover the data and there are lost forever. Thus, most of the nowadays systems are configured insecurely and open for attacks. To overcome this problem, we are working on methods to assess the state of a system regarding its security-configuration and to configure the system to be as secure as possible. Thereby, we created our hardening process to be as automated as possible so that it can be used in the context of DevOps, too. Additionally, I’m also interested in model-driven tools and technologies.

    I received my master’s degree from the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT). I wrote my master's thesis there in the context of the VITRUVIUS project.

    Research Interests

    • Security-Configuration
    • Hardening
    • Model-driven Software Development

    Open Topics



    If you are interested in working with me, either have a look at the theses openings page or simply write me an email. If you are interested in making machines and systems more secure and there was no open topic on this site or on the open theses page, you could still write me. Maybe I already have some idea for a bachelor/master thesis which is not yet on the homepage.

    When writing directly to my mail address, please consider to encrypt your email via PGP or S/MIME using one of the public keys from above.

    Ongoing Topics 

    Automatic and Reproducible Attacks on insecurely configured Systems based on Security-Configuration RulesMaster'sFelix Huber
    Automatic Selection of Security-relevant ConfigurationsBachelor'sAndreas Wagner


    Completed Topics 

    Security-Configuration Automation for UNIXMaster'sFabian Raab2019
    Automatic Security Configuration for Mobile DevicesBachelor'sMaximilian Lösch2019
    Design of an Improved Scapolite Check MechanismBachelor'sLena Voigt2019
    Modelling of Attack Trees for Security Assessment of Hardening MechanismsBachelor'sMatthias Michailow2019
    Simplifying Configuration Management in the Automotive IndustryMaster'sDominik Vinan2019
    Design and Evaluation of an Agile Software Development Process for Space ApplicationsMaster'sAlexander Lill2018




    Summer '19Security Engineering
    Winter '18/19Practical Course Introduction to Programming