Information about our group seminar

Type: Oberseminar
Room:01.11.018 (Konrad Zuse)
Time:Monday (14:00–15:00)
Contact: Ana Petrovska

Forthcoming presentations in the current academic year

Date Speaker Title Time
14.10.2019 Mr. Adrian Endlicher BA final: From simulation to a real system—A ROS-Based Multi-Robot System 14.00 - 14.30
14.10.2019 Mr. Stefan Sparber BA final: Building a Framework for Objective Evaluation of Malware Detection Methods 14.30 - 15.00
21.10.2019 Mr. Sergio Quijano MA final: Multi-Source Knowledge Aggregation in Subjective Logic 14.00 - 14.30
21.10.2019 Mr. Dominik Horn BA final: A Labeling Platform for Software Quality 14.30 - 15.00
28.10.2019 Mr. Thomas Stohl MA intermediate: Data-driven modeling and optimization of an unknown PCM thermal energy storage 14.00 - 14.30
28.10.2019 Ms. Lena Voigt BA final: Design of an Improved Scapolite Check Mechanism 14.30 - 15.00
04.11.2019 Mr. Florian Andres MA final: Machine Learning for Operational Optimization of District Heating Systems 14.00 - 14.30
04.11.2019 Mr. Fabian Raab MA final: Security-Configuration Automation for UNIX 14.30 - 15.00
11.11.2019 Mr. Alessandro Calo MA final 14.00 - 14.30
11.11.2019 Mr. Maximilian Lösch BA final: Automatic Security Configuration for Mobile Devices 14.30 - 15.00
18.11.2019 Mr. Michael Schott BA final: Developing a Tool for Service Grouping and Property Specification in a Service-oriented Architecture 14.00 - 14.30

Past presentations

07.01.2019 Mr. Ali Kardaslar BA final: Development and simulation of a prototypical net-smarmeter with usage of CChain 13.00–13.30
07.01.2019 Mr. Severin Schmid BA final: Accountability for Industrial Manufacturing Robots 13.30–14.00
14.01.2019 Mr. Florian Schelle BA final: Using IOTA blockchain technology for exchanging electricity 13.00–13.30
14.01.2019 Mr. Shahin Yousfi MA final: Data collection from simulated multi-robot systems 13.30–14.00
21.01.2019 Mr. Christian Feiler MA intermediate: Vectorizing Software for Machine Learning 13.00–13.30
21.01.2019 Mr. Lorenz Stadler MA intermediate: Assessing the quality of code comments 13.30–14.00
28.01.2019 Mr. Tiziano Munaro MA intermediate: Design and Implementation of an Automated Scheduling Approach for E/E Architecture Exploration 13.00–13.30
28.01.2019 Mr. Dominik Vinan MA final: Simplifying Configuration Management in the Automotive Industry 13.30–14.00
04.02.2019 Mr. Felix Jedrzejewski BA final: Development of a Methodology for a structured Evaluation of Web Application Frameworks for Secure Software Development 13.00–13.30
06.02.2019 Mr. Rens van der Heijden (Ulm University) Invited talk: Misbehavior Detection in Cooperative Intelligent Transport Systems and Beyond 10.00–11.00
14.03.2019 Mr. Joachim Raue (itestra) Invited talk: Remote Collaborations 09.30–10.30
15.04.2019 Mr. Stavros Kyriakopoulos MA intermediate: Model-driven Monitoring Orchestration for Microservices 13.00–13.30
15.04.2019 Mr. Tobias Klesel BA final: A Canvas for Actual Causality 13.30–14.00
29.04.2019 Mr. Emanuel Vintila GR final: Compositional Greybox Fuzzing Based on Active Saturation Monitoring 14.00–14.30
29.04.2019 Mr. Malte Schmitz BA final: Data Trace Collection from Moving Cars 14.30–15.00
06.05.2019 Ms. Anahit Hayrapetyan MA final: Behavior-Based Program Partitioning for Security Enclaves 14.00–14.30
06.05.2019 Mr. Timo Angerer BA final: Automated Identification of generated code 14.30–15.00
13.05.2019 Ms. Shwetha Suresh MA final: Knowledge Discovery from Drone Logs 14.00–14.30
13.05.2019 Mr. Lukas Holzner MA final: Automated Security Analysis of E/E Architctures 14.30–15.00
20.05.2019 Mr. Daniel Wessel MA final: Resilience of SIP against ML-based attacks 14.00–14.30
20.05.2019 Mr. Tiziano Munaro MA final: Design and Implementation of an Automated Scheduling Approach for E/E Architecture Exploration 14.30–15.00
27.05.2019 Ms. Miriam Anschütz BA final: Detection of Android Repackaged Malware with Active Learning 14.00–14.30
27.05.2019 Mr. Dominik Mauksch ASE Praktikum: (Untitled) 14.30–15.00
03.06.2019 Mr. Philip Paré Colloqium: Virus Spread over Networks 14.00–15.00
17.06.2019 Mr. Johannes Pitz ASE Praktikum: (Untitled) 14.00–14.30
17.06.2019 Mr. Fabian Raab MA final: Security-Configuration Automation for UNIX 14.30–15.00
01.07.2019 Mr. Benjamin Betz BA final: Path Planning and Consensus Algorithms for an Accountability-Enabled Multi-Robot 14.00–14.30
01.07.2019 Mr. Christian Feiler MA final: Vectorizing Software for Machine Learning 14.30–15.00
05.07.2019 Dr. Benjamin Seibold Instabilities in Homogeneous and Heterogeneous Traffic Flow 11:00–12:00
08.07.2019 Mr. Lukas Reschauer ASE Praktikum: (Untitled) 14.00–14.30
08.07.2019 Mr. Ilir Tahiraj ASE Praktikum: (Untitled) 14.30–15.00
09.07.2019 Dr. Mareike Massow IVU Traffic Solutions guest lecture: Requirements Engineering 12:00–13.00
15.07.2019 Mr. Sergio Quijano MA intermediate: Multi-Source Knowledge Aggregation in Subjective Logic 14.00–14.30
22.07.2019 Mr. Stavros Kyriakopoulos MA final: Model-driven Monitoring Orchestration for Microservice 14.00–14.30
22.07.2019 Mr. Matthias Michailow BA final: Modelling of Attack Trees for Security Assessment of Hardening Mechanisms 14.30–15.00
24.07.2019 Mr. Alexandros Tsalidis (Room 02.09.023) MA final: Assurance against Incorrect Order of Calls Fault for Collaborative Embedded Systems 14.00–14.30
24.07.2019 Mr. Ludwig Dickmanns (Room 02.09.023) MA final: Requirement-based Test Case Generation: An SMT approach to guarantee MC/DC 14.30–15.00
24.07.2019 Mr. Luis Gressenbuch (Room 02.09.023) ASE Praktikum: (Untitled) 15.00–15.30
29.07.2019 Mr. Thomas Sedlmayer BA final: Conflict Scenarios for an Accountability-Enabled Multi-Robot Simulation 14.00–14.30
29.07.2019 Mr. Cristian Dragnea MA final: Developing a tool for migration of classpath-based Java applications to modules 14.30–15.00