Information about our group seminar

Type: Seminar
Location:Alonzo Church (01.09.014)

Monday (14:30 - 15:30)

Contact: Saahil Ognawala

Forthcoming Presentations in current academic year
Date and Time Speaker Title Abstract Note
20.11.2017 Mr. Arpit Bajpai Forecasting the power generation of Photovoltaik cells using Machine Learning [more info] time 14:30hrs - 15:00hrs
20.11.2017 Mr. Dominik Irimi Audio Based Event Detection [more info] time 15:00hrs - 15:30hrs
27.11.2017 Mr. Ricardo Nales Impact factors for severity assessment of bugs discovered via compositional symbolic execution [more info] time 14:30hrs - 15:00hrs
27.11.2017 Mr. Lukas Kunzemann Testing Advanced Driver Assistance Systems: Procedural Environment Generation for Simulated Test Scenarios [more info] time 15:00hrs - 15:30hrs

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