Winter Semester 2018/19

Introduction to Informatics 1 (IN0001)LectureEN/DEA. Pretschner, T. Hutzelmann
Selected Topics in Software Engineering: Internet of Things and Services (IN3050)LectureENC. Prehofer, I. GerostathopoulosT. Mahapatra
Functional Security (IN2247)LectureDEM. Conrad, S. Kacianka
Fundamentals of Program and System Development (IN2078)LectureDEA. Pretschner, T. Hutzelmann
Android Security Lab (IN2106, IN0012, IN4189)
Practical CourseENA. Pretschner, A. Salem
Master Praktikum - Automotive Software Entwicklung (IN2106, IN4124)Practical CourseDEA. Pretschner, S. Kacianka
Seminar: Software QualitätSeminarDED. Mendez
Oberseminar - Trends in Software Engineering (IN2122)SeminarEN/DEA. Pretschner
Creating the autonomous crane of the futurePractical CourseEN/DEA. Pretschner, F. Hauer

Summer Semester 2018

Advanced Topics of Software Testing (IN2084)LectureENA. Pretschner, M. Golagha
Automotive Software Engineering (IN2114)LectureDEA. Pretschner, C. Salzmann, S. Kacianka
Modeling of Distributed Systems (IN2080)LectureDEA. Pretschner, S. Ognawala, S. Voss
Requirements Engineering (Elite SE, IN2198)LectureDEA. Pretschner, F. Hauer
Ringvorlesung DigitalisierungLectureDEA. Pretschner
Security Engineering (IN2178)LectureENA. Pretschner, A. Salem
Systems Engineering (MSE) (IN8015)LectureDEA. Pretschner, S. Kugele, A. Petrovska
From Sensors to driving functions - develop your own car (IN0012, IN2106)Practical CourseDEA. Pretschner, F. Hauer
Software Integrity Protection (IN2106)Practical CourseENA. Pretschner, M. Ahmadvand
Automotive Software Development (IN2106, IN4124)Practical CourseDEA. Pretschner, S. Kacianka
Master Seminar: Accountability: a cross-disciplinary view (IN2107)SeminarENA. Pretschner, A. Ibrahim, E. Zibaei
Seminar: Java 9 ModularitySeminarENA. Pretschner, V. Cebotari
Trends in Software Engineering (IN2122)SeminarEN/DEA. Pretschner